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Welcome to the Special Mix page.


Special mix

Playing Roots, Dancehall, Soca and More...

Special Mix - EPR - English Pound Radio

POST: Who is Special Mix? ...

Special Mix is a DJ on English Pound Radio who has a crazy way of doing things that should be just straight and normal. His approach of thinking out of the box, has made Special a much sought after selector.

What he musically likes is hard to describe, but for sure, UK Lovers Rock, Roots and Dancehall is right up there in his list. His collection of music is second to none and his ability to bring you back in time with stories and great musical knowledge of the song and artistes he plays, is what makes his shows riveting. On many occasions, listeners have called in and complained that they had just missed their engagement or other duties, because they wher deeply into the Special Mix radio show. So, English Pound has now created their new Mobile Player (Click Here) so you can carry on listerning to English Pound Radio wist you are on the road, at school, at work or even on the beach. We will be always with you wherever you carry your phone or Tablet device. Every Sunday from 11am - 2pm (EST) or 4pm - 7pm (GMT) you will get the best in Reggae, Soca, Dancehall and anything else that Special can throw at you. And if you are lucky, you may even get a guest appearance or two. Most Artistes and performers find his interviews funny, because you never know what personal question he will ask next. Or maybe it is because he thinks he can always beat them in a singing contest.


POST: English Pound Is A Life Style...

English Pound Sound, plays in a big part in spreading the word of English Pound Radio and its DJ's. Created by the need of the listeners to experience in person, the jokes, fun and musical selections of the stSpecial Mix - EPR - English Pound Radioation, English Pound Sound was born. It is by no mistake or fluke of nature that every time English Pound Sound touches the road, they lights of the event comes on before the party has even finished. No body wants to leave an English Pound Party. You will find people still locked in arms and crubbing the the smoothest lovers rock baseline, whilst the bar staff are trying to gather up the bottles around them. And when it is announced that this will be the last song, a moan or cry of, no please at least two more songs, is normally heard.

English Pound Is A Life Style. Its all we know how to be, Fun, Happy, Kind and Caring. Music plays a big part in our inner peace and sharing our music is what we do best. If you are also a lover of good music and want to meet others of the same mind set, then join our English Pound Life Style Family (by Clicking Here). We will let you know where and when our next event will be. We also send you our latest UK Mix CD download links and free give away's plus Family gifts. Also keep a look out for the latest English Pound T-Shirts and Merchandise, coming soon and remember to let your friends and Family know about this great radio station you found. English Pound is here for you.


Bookings: Have Special Mix, perform or MC at your event...

If you would like to book Special Mix or any of the other English Pound Presenters for your Concert, Club Night or Event, email our booking team at: or BBM: 7495623E or Text: (001) 647-887-7787


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Special Mix - EPR - English Pound Radio


Special Mix

Show: Lovers Rock, Dancehall, Soca

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Special Mix "YouTube" Pick

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